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PS5111 Research Design in Political Science
PS6770 Graduate Research Seminar


PS5602 Introduction to Quantitative Methods
PS5603 Introduction to Qualitative Methods
PS6601 Advanced Quantitative Methods
PS6602 Game Theory for Political Science
PS6603 Topics in Political Science Research Methods

Independent Study

PS6660 Independent Study

Comparative Politics (CP)

PS5312 Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS5313 Seminar on State and Society
PS5319 The American Presidency
PS5320 Comparative Political Economy
PS5321 Seminar in Chinese Politics
PS6314 Advanced Studies in Asian Politics

International Relations (IR)

PS5314 Seminar in International Relations
PS5407 Comparative Foreign Policy
PS5408 International Institutions
PS6402 International Conflict and Security
PS6405 International Political Economy

Political Theory (PT)

PS5201 Seminar in Political Theory
PS5202 History of Political Thoughts
PS5203 Political Thinks and Texts
PS5222 Political Ideas and Issues

Governance and Public Policy (GPP)

PS5316 Seminar in Public Administration
PS5317 Seminar in Public Policy
PS5505 Public Administration Theory
PS5503 Decentralisation and Local Governance
PS6501 Politics of Public Finance
PS6505 Development Policy and Administrations
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