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1) Note: Level 6000 modules cannot be read towards the B.A / B.Soc Sci Honours Requirements.

2) Note that these modules will only be offered to Cohort 2014 and earlier.

  • GEK1003
  • GEK2024
  • GEK2010
  • GEK2012
  • SSA2222
  • GEK2003
  • SSA2209
  • GEK2025
  • GEK2043
  • SSA3205
  • GEK3005
  • GEK3006
  • GEK3007
Freshman Seminar (non-major modules)
FMA1201M Free To Be Me? Contesting Liberty and Its Limits
FMA1202M Popular Culture and Power
FMA1203M Globalisation and Migration
FMA1204M Just and Unjust Wars
FMA1205M Authoritarianism
FMA1206M Food Politics
General Education Modules (for GEM requirement only)
GES1034 We the Citizens - Understanding Singapore's Politics
PS1101E/GEK1003 Introduction to Politics
PS6770 Graduate Research Seminar
PS3257 Political Inquiry
PS3258 Research Methods in Political Science
PS3880G Research Design & Methods
PS5111R Research Design in Political Science
PS5602R Introduction to Quantitative Methods
PS5603R Introduction to Qualitative Methods
PS6601 Advanced Quantitative Methods
PS6602 Game Theory for Political Science
PS6603 Topics in Research Methods
Independent Study
PS3550 Political Science Internship
IPS3550 Extended Political Science Internship
PS3551 FASS Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP)
PS4401 Honours Thesis
PS4660 Independent Study
PS6660 Independent Study
Comparative Politics (CP)
PS2234 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS2236/EU2217 European Politics
PS2245 Southeast Asian Politics
PS2247 South Asian Politics
PS2248 Chinese Politics
PS2249/GEK2003/SSA2209 Government and Politics of Singapore
PS2254 American Government and Politics
PS2255/GEK2025 Politics of the Middle East
PS2257 Contemporary African Politics
PS3236 Ethnicity and Religion in Asian Politics
PS3237 Women and Politics
PS3261 Comparative Political Economy
PS3263 Comparative Study of Development
PS3264 Regimes in Transition
PS3265 Civil-Military Relations
PS3273 Singapore Politics in Comparative Perspective
PS4202 Political Parties and Elections
PS4205 Contemporary Politics of Southeast Asia
PS4221 Contemporary Politics of Northeast Asia
PS4222 Politics of Social Policy
PS4224 State and Society
PS4225 Contemporary Issues in Chinese Politics
PS4227 Environmental Politics
PS4228 Comparative Democratic Politics
PS4232 Researching Singapore Politics
PS4881 Topics in Comparative Politics
PS4881A Comparative Political Institutions
PS4881B Malaysian Politics
PS4881C Labour Politics
PS4881D Money and Politics
PS4881E Religion and Global Change
PS4881F Political Islam - Middle East & Beyond
PS5312R Seminar in Comparative Politics
PS5313R Seminar on State and Society
PS5318R The Politics of Authoritarian Rule
PS5319R The American Presidency
PS5320R Comparative Political Economy
PS5321R Seminar in Chinese Politics
PS6314 Advanced Studies in Asian Politics
JS2223 Government and Politics of Japan
SE4227 Nationalism  in Southeast Asia
SC4882A Perspectives on State & Society
GL4886A Citizenship and the Politics of Belonging
GL4887A The Modern Middle East in the Age of Globalisations
NM5201R State and Civil Society in the Information Age
International Relations (IR)
PS2237 Introduction to International Relations
PS2238 International Politics of Northeast Asia
PS2239/GEK2010 Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
PS2250 International Politics of Southeast Asia
PS2251 The Region in the Postcolonial World
PS3238 International Political Economy
PS3239 International Conflict Analysis
PS3240 International Security
PS3242 US Foreign Policy
PS3249/SSA3205 Singapore's Foreign Policy
PS3251 International and Regional Organisations
PS3252/GEK3006 Human Rights in International Politics
PS3272 The International Relations of Sub-Saharan Africa
PS3880D Politics of the United Nations
PS3880E Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia
PS3880F Quantitative Approaches to International Relations
PS3880H The Politics of European Integration
PS4203 China's Foreign Policy
PS4206 Regional Security in the Asia Pacific
PS4207 International Law and Institutions
PS4208 Theories of International Relations
PS4212 International Politics of Communication
PS4216 The Study of War
PS4218/EU4228 European Foreign Policy
PS4226 Emerging Markets and Economic Governance
PS4231 Social Theory and International Relations
PS4882 Topics in International Relations
PS4882A Globalisation, Security and the State
PS4882B 20th Century International Thought
PS4882C Scientists and Foreign Policy
PS4882D Politics in Global Migration
PS4882E Arms Control
PS4882F The Politics of International Trade
PS4882G Politics of International Economic Relations
PS4882H Food Politics
PS4882I International Society
PS5314R Seminar in International Relations
PS5407R Foreign Policy Analysis
PS5408R International Institutions
PS6402 International Conflict and Security
PS6405 International Political Economy
PS6315 Comparative Political Economy
HY4209/EU4226 Imperialism and Empires
JS4224 Japanese International Relations
GL4882A Development and the Globalisation of Food
GL4882B Contested Globalisation: Resistance and Resilience
GL4883A Conflict and Natural Resources
GL4885A International Law and World Politics
GL4889A International Law and Terrorism
GL4889B Debates on Human Rights
Governance and Public Policy (GPP)
PS2240 Introduction to Public Administration
PS2241/GEK2012 Public Administration in Asia
PS2244/SSA2222 Public Administration in Singapore
PS3243 Public Sector Organisational Behaviour
PS3245 Public Personnel Administration
PS3246 Public Ethics and Corruption
PS3262 Managing Non-Profit Organisations
PS3271 Public Policy Making
PS4209 Public Organisation Theory and Practice
PS4210 Public Policy Analysis
PS4223 Programme Evaluation in the Public Sector
PS4230 Public Sector Reforms in China
PS4884 Topics in Public Administration
PS4884A Applying Public Policy Theory
PS5316R Seminar in Public Administration
PS5317R Seminar in Public Policy
PS5503R Decentralisation and Local Governance
PS5504R Development Theory, Policy and Institutions
PS5505R Public Administration Theory
PS5506R Globalization and Public Governance
PS6501 Politics of Public Finance
PS6505 Development Policy and Administration
GL4883B Climate Justice
GL4888A Justice and Emerging Technology
Political Theory (PT)
PS2203/EU2203 Ancient Western Political Thought
PS2204/EU2204 Modern Western Political Thought
PS2232 Islamic and Hindu Political Thought
PS2233/GEK2024 Political Ideologies
PS2246 Globalisation and Politics
PS2253 Chinese Political Thought
PS2256/GEK2043 Politics on Screen
PS2258 Introduction to Political Theory
PS3232 Democratic Theory
PS3233 Political and International Ethics
PS3259 American Political Thought
PS3260/GEK3005 Politics and the Visual
PS3266/GEK3007 Politics, Music and Society
PS3267 German Political Thought
PS3269 Medieval Western Political Thought
PS3270 Political Theology
PS3880A Modern Chinese Political Thought
PS4201 Contemporary Political Theory
PS4213 International Political Theory
PS4214 Politics, Art and Popular Culture
PS4215 Politics of Non-Violence
PS4217 Major Political Thinkers
PS4217A Plato and Rousseau
PS4217B Machiavelli
PS4217C Montaigne
PS4217D Kant
PS4217E Oakeshott
PS4217F Hobbes
PS4219 Comparative Political Thought
PS4220 Rhetoric and Politics
PS4229 The Politics of Knowledge
PS4233 Existentialist Political Theory
PS4883 Topics in Political Theory
PS4883A Orientalism & Femininity
PS4883B The Enlightenment
PS5201R Seminar in Political Theory
PS5202R History of Political Thought
PS5203R Political Thinkers and Texts
PS5222R Political Ideas and Issues
PH2202 Major Political Philosophers
PH4202 Political Philosophy
GL4881A Colonial, Anticolonial and Postcolonial Globalizations
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