Modules offered in Semester 2, AY2016-2017

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Module Code Module Title Sub Field Lecturer Day & Time
GES1034 We The Citizens - Understanding Singapore's Politics GEM Bilveer Singh FRI 800 1000
PS1101E/GEK1003 Introduction To Politics CORE Terence Lee TUE 1200 1400
PS2204/EU2204 Modern Western Political Thought PT Benjamin Schupmann THU 1600 1800
PS2234 Introduction To Comparative Politics CP Subhashish Ray MON 1600 1800
PS2237 Introduction To International Relations IR Soul Park TUE 1200 1400
PS2241/GEK2012 Public Administration In Asia GPP Han Heejin THU 1200 1400
PS2244/SSA2222 Public Administration In Singapore GPP Shamsul Haque WED 1600 1800
PS2245 Southeast Asian Politics CP Deepak Nair FRI 1400 1600
PS2249/GEK2003/SSA2209 Government And Politics Of Singapore CP Bilveer Singh WED 1200 1400
PS2250 International Politics Of Southeast Asia IR Deepak Nair TUE 1600 1800
PS3236 Ethnicity And Religion In Asian Politics CP Jamie Davidson WED 1000 1200
PS3237 Women And Politics CP Dunya Lepori TUE 1800 2000
PS3238 International Political Economy IR Soo Yeon Kim MON 1200 1400
PS3257 Political Inquiry CORE/
Subhashish Ray FRI 1600 1800
PS3260/GEK3005 Politics And The Visual PT Luke O'Sullivan TUE 1200 1400
PS3267 German Political Thought PT Ethan Putterman FRI 1200 1400
PS3272 The International Relations Of Sub-Saharan Africa IR Elaine Tan WED 1200 1400
PS4202 Political Parties And Elections CP Walid Jumblatt WED 1800 2100
FRI 900 1200
PS4203 China's Foreign Policy IR Chong Ja Ian TUE 1200 1500
PS4208 Theories Of International Relations IR Soul Park TUE 1500 1800
PS4217A/EU4227A Major Political Thinkers: Plato And Rousseau PT Ethan Putterman MON 1800 2100
PS4218/EU4228 European Foreign Policy IR Reuben Wong WED  1500 1800
PS4219 Comparative Political Thought PT Dunya Lepori THU 1800 2100
PS4221 Contemporary Politics Of Northeast Asia CP Han Heejin WED 900 1200
PS4228 Comparative Democratic Politics CP Chen An MON 1200 1500
PS4230 Public Sector Reforms In China GPP Gao Jie FRI 1200 1500
PS4231 Social Theory And International Relations IR Ted Hopf THU 900 1200
PS4884A Topics In PA: Applying Public Policy Theory GPP Han Heejin MON 1500 1800
PS5314R* Seminar In International Relations IR Chong Ja Ian TUE 1830 2130
PS5316R* Seminar In Public Administration GPP Gao Jie WED 1830 2130
PS5603R* Introduction To Qualitative Methods METHODS Ted Hopf THU 1830 2130
PS5506R* Globalisation And Public Governance GPP Shamsul Haque MON 1830 2130

*PS Honours Students may read a maximum of 2 Level-5000R modules to fulfill PS Level-4000 module requirements. Application for Level-5000R modules is by manual application form. An email regarding application for Level-5000R modules will be sent to PS Honours Students.

These modules offered in Semester 2, AY2016/2017 are recognised for PS Major too. Students may consider taking these modules:

Module Code Module Title Offered by:
GL4882A Development and the Globalisation of Food Global Studies
GL4882B Contested Globalisation: Resistance and Resilience Global Studies
GL4887A The Modern Middle East in the Age of Globalisations Global Studies
 PH4202 Political Philosophy Philosophy
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